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DadBoner - Mon Nov 14 2011

10:31 AM #
Vernon's back at work today! Super pumped. Look out ya'll, V-Dog's in the house! My MAIN man.

10:34 AM #
Showed Vernon my "V-Dog Stabbed: Never Forget" buttons. He axed who "V-Dog" was. He playin' it smooth. Keepin' the streets & work separate.

10:43 AM #
Proud of Vernon for takin' a week off for a stab wound. No one expects blacks to go to work anyway. Gotta take advantage of their racism.

10:47 AM #
Goin to pound another KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl on the toilet & catch a snooze. KFC's Cheesy Double B's go down smooth anytime, you guys.

05:07 PM #
Wonder why Mickey D's hasn't tried out a "bowl" yet. The Cheesy McRib Bacon Bowl would really knock it out the park.

05:10 PM #
McDonald's New Cheesy Bacon McRib Bowl: Taters, gravy, melty cheese, corn, bacon, & Chunks O' McRib all combining for maximum bold flavors.

05:13 PM #
The T-Moblie girl just came on the tube and Dave said, "Oooo, me so horny." Great job being racist AND makin me want to puke, Dave.

05:15 PM #
When you feel horniness caused by the carnal desires of a cell phone commercial, there's no need to let everyone know your junk tingles.

05:19 PM #
I'm no stranger to erotic feelings from tv adverts. I'm a healthy male. But you just sit there in quiet and ride it out. Show some class.

06:09 PM #
The trick to enjoyin a hard body gal is to just give her a long carnal stare and keep your trap shut. Keep it mysterious, you guys.