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DadBoner - Fri Nov 18 2011

01:02 AM #
Can't sleep. Shouldn't have had 20-Hours of Energy. Might toss back a couple cold ones. It's the natural way to hit the sack.

01:08 AM #
Ann used to take Ambien. She'd turn into a nutso idiot. Except for the one time she called me Magnum PI. Only time we made it in 2007.

02:06 AM #
Super bombed. Still can't sleep. Gonna do some shots of Crown. Gotta get some shut eye, you guys.

02:33 AM #
Wham-O wants invention ideas. Gonna send 'em my idea for athe slip n drink. just siip down the booze then drink it. it's easy and who cars

11:23 AM #
Pretty shaken up. Dozed off on the way to work. Woke up drivin into oncoming traffic. The big man upstairs really saved me on this one.

11:25 AM #
Only got an hour of sleep. Think I might be still drunk but who knows? Everything seems like pretend. Could really use a hug, you guys.

11:27 AM #
Happy Friday, you guys. Going to catch some zzz's on the toilet. Feel like my heart's gonna explode. Hard to breathe.