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DadBoner - Sat Nov 19 2011

01:32 AM #
Know when to say when, you guys.

01:37 PM #
I don't know where the 'Bring is. Don't know why I don't have on underpants. Tryin' to piece it together. Think' Arby's was involved.

02:04 PM #
Think the 'Bring is at Paddy's. Remember havin 5-Hour Energy Vodka Shots 'cause I wrote down "5hr energy vdka blasts" on my arm.

02:05 PM #
Musta taken a cab to Arby's. Kinda remember gettin in a fight with the cab driver 'cause they were closed. Figured I'd wait it out.

02:10 PM #
Now I remember where my unders are. Oh god. Not good, you guys. Gonna go for a walk and think about my actions. Need time for reflection.