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DadBoner - Sun Nov 20 2011

11:46 AM #
Guess I had an accident in the cab on the way to Arby's. Took off my unders in the backseat. Threw 'em out the window. Flew back in.

11:50 AM #
Cab driver freaked out 'cause I got "doo-doo" all over his car. Who calls #2, "doo-doo?" Black cab drivers when they want you dead.

11:54 AM #
Cab driver kicked me out of the cab with my peener and veggies all hangin out. Hope there's no security video. They know me at 'By's.

11:57 AM #
When you fill your pants in a cab on the way to a closed Arby's at 3am, it's time to cut back to only light beer for awhile, you guys.