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DadBoner - Tue Nov 22 2011

01:15 PM #
Nosey lady just went bananas. Said, "Just 'cause it's a holiday week doesn't mean everyone can sit around pickin their butt!" Inappropriate.

01:20 PM #
If there's anyone who needs to pick their butt, it's Nosey Lady. Always looks like she's got half of Lane Bryant crammed in her backdoor.

01:25 PM #
Butt picking is somethin that should be done in private. Like the john, your car, or behind a shrub. That's always been my policy, you guys.

02:01 PM #
Leavin work early. Gotta change the ice in my turkey cooler. Diarrhea and Turkey Day don't mix, you guys. Unless you're some veggie corncob.

06:10 PM #
Came home and Dave had put cans of cold ones in the cooler with my brined raw Turk. Really steamed.