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DadBoner - Wed Nov 23 2011

12:03 PM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys! Took down 18 hot BBQ. Gotta stretch my stomach for Turkey Day. Pounding water. It's an old Oriental secret.

12:06 PM #
Ken said to stop buggin him so he could get some work down. Was tellin him the true history of Turkey Day. Some people don't like learning.

12:09 PM #
What kinda dumb corncob is doing actual work today? The Turkey Day celebraish is all about relaxation. Gotta ease into it.

12:52 PM #
Dave keeps droppin hints about "havin no where to go tomorrow" and blah blah blah. Might have to bring that sad bag o' crap to Ann's.

01:28 PM #
If a pal's alone on a holiday, ya gotta take him in even if he's stupid garbage. Feels good to help out a slob with your charity, you guys.

02:49 PM #
Left work early. Just got home. Dave cut off one of the Turk legs and microwaved it. Said he was takin part of his "share" early. P.O.'d!!!

05:09 PM #
Just cut the other leg of the Turk to make it even. Gonna replace 'em with kielbasas. Actually think it'll be badass. Custom bold flavors.