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DadBoner - Sun Nov 27 2011

01:48 PM #
Went to Ann's last night to get my damn lefties. Wasn't home. Was really steamed. Kicked in the back door. Gonna have to lay low for awhile.

01:49 PM #
There wasn't even any lefties in the fridge. Either they hogged 'em all down or she threw 'em out 'cause they were "old." Always does that.

01:50 PM #
I wouldn't even HAVE to kick down the door of a house I OWN if Ann didn't change the locks. Sick of this.

01:52 PM #
Felt good to kick that door down. Like Segal or Dalton Roadhouse.

07:34 PM #
Just saw a commercial for the new Mission Impossible. Looks pretty badass. Might have to check out the action. Love a good macho flick.

07:36 PM #
Dave said he heard Tom Cruise is gay. Yeah right. Ever see Top Gun? Tom Cruise is all man, you guys. He's got babes for days.