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DadBoner - Wed Nov 30 2011

12:56 PM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys. Brought my own hamburg bun, did some debonin' & made a McWing, B-Dubs style. Waitress gave me a look.

12:58 PM #
Sometimes, a bold flavor connoisseur can't be constrained by the limits of a restaurant's menu. You gotta make your own rules, you guys.

01:00 PM #
If McDonald's won't buy my McWing idea, I'll just keep makin' myself at B-Dubs. Everytime I do, they lose a sale. Profits down the drain.

01:04 PM #
You could make a McWing with boneless wings, but it's not the same. Gotta debone 'em yourself. It's a labor of love and bold passion.

01:11 PM #
Boneless wings are for sissies, women, and children. A real bold flavor man never orders boneless wings. Ever. That's a fact.

08:59 PM #
Finishin' up my dirt list on Nosey Lady. Gotta burn her down before Friday. That's when people get canned. Gotta really ruin her life.