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DadBoner - Fri Dec 02 2011

12:27 AM #
Really miss Hickory Farms bein' at the mall. Holiday shopping will never be the same without their samples. Someone should do something.

11:31 AM #
Got myself some new Thick Cut fries from BK. Asked for 20 Zesty Sauces. Wanted enough for one cup per Thick Cut. Gave me the runaround.

11:33 AM #
The manager at BK said the most Zesty Sauces they could give me is 4. Got really steamed. They're free! You can't put a limit on free items!

11:38 AM #
If BK wants to make Thick Cuts, I demand bold satisfaction with enough Zesty Sauce for the thickness. And some lefties for finger dippin.

11:48 AM #
Wonder if Dr. 20 made an emergency call to one of the BK workers, a case of Zesty Sauce might "fall off the truck?" They gotta be hard up.

11:54 AM #
Just walked by Nosey. Gave her the "cut your throat" sign. She went and made a phone call. Think she got my drift & took back what she said.

11:58 AM #
The "cut your throat" sign is universal. Lets anyone know you mean business. Intimidation is the first rule of battle, you guys.

12:33 PM #
Just got a phone call from one of the head honchos. Supposed to have a lunch meetin with him & Nosey on Monday. Somethin big is up.