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DadBoner - Sat Dec 03 2011

03:14 PM #
My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Cain Train family, you guys.

03:17 PM #
Maybe Cain Train is just ready to get back in the pizza game? Gotta be hard for a bold flavor brother to stay away from the hustle.

03:22 PM #
Maybe Cain Train finally got to my letter. Heard about us teamin' up for Captain Karl's Pizza Ship. It's a long shot, but there's a chance.

03:26 PM #
Plus, at Captain Karl's Pizza Ship, the busty sea wench waitresses are A-OK with carnal flirtations. Sexual misconduct isn't on our menu.

03:30 PM #
Sad that a black man can't be president just because he patted a few babes on the caboose. Racial tolerance still has a long way to go.

03:58 PM #
Dave just came out of his room in some weird fleece suit. Said it's called a "Forever Lazy." I'm goin' for a walk now.