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DadBoner - Mon Dec 05 2011

12:07 PM #
Styled & profiled a little too hard last night. Tore the right mirror off the 'Bring. Put a big gouge down the side. It's really a mystery.

12:12 PM #
Had my big lunch at Applebees's with Nosey and the honcho today. Went all out on my order. It's a power move, you guys.

12:15 PM #
Started with the Wonton Chicken Tacos. Such a bold fusion masterpiece of Old Mexico and Oriental flavors.

12:26 PM #
Then I moved on to the Shrimp & Parm Sirloin. Ordering the 2nd most expensive item on the menu shows class without being obnoxious.

12:30 PM #
Went to the john, exhausted from stylin & profilin. Passed out on the can. Honcho came to see if I was ok. Played it off with some grunts.

12:37 PM #
Honcho said he wanted to have a talk with me and Nosey because she was "worried" about me. Something about "erratic" behavior.

12:40 PM #
Told Nosey she wrong about me bein erratic. I'm erotic. Like when I was at Deja Vu last night. Could tell Honcho agreed, guy to guy.

12:43 PM #
When Nosey went to the john, I knew I had my chance to bond. Told Honcho all about the rockin chest beefers at the club last night.

12:46 PM #
Asked the Honcho if he was a bold flavor man? Then I made power move #2 and ordered us a couple ice cold Sam Adams. Guy to guy.

12:48 PM #
When Nosey came back, I asked her if she fell in? The Honcho put his head in his hands. He musta been DYING to crack up. She turned red.

12:53 PM #
Nosey asked if I have a drinkin problem. So inappropriate. Got really steamed, pounded my cold one & got another. Show her I'm in control.

01:01 PM #
Told Nosey lady SHE has the drinking problem and whoever smelt it dealt it. Gave Honcho a guy to guy "wink." Really shut her down.

01:19 PM #
Honcho wants to have another meeting in private after the holidays. Just a guy to guy. It's what alpha dogs do. Get to the nitty gritty.

01:27 PM #
When the check came, it was split 3 ways. Thought work would pick it up. Got really steamed. Wouldn't have gone all out if I was paying.

01:32 PM #
Honcho could tell I was P.O.'d and picked mine up too. Nosey still had to pay. She must have been so embarrassed at my success.

01:45 PM #
If someone wants to get you in trouble, you strike first and strike hard. Really bury 'em. It doesn't matter if you're at an Applebee's.