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DadBoner - Wed Dec 07 2011

10:53 AM #
Big hub bub this morning. Guess Vernon brought those holiday goodies for a party he had to go to after work. His wife is steamed.

10:55 AM #
Vernon said, "My wife crazy! Somebody better step up about eatin' them treats!" Really on a warpath. Gotta lay low.

10:57 AM #
When you leave out food in a common area at work during the holidays, it's for everyone. Kinda of a rule. Guess Vernon didn't know that.

11:19 AM #
I feel bad for Vernon. Hear soul sisters can get pretty hardcore when you screw up. Ever see Good Times? Florida didn't play.

11:27 AM #
When you make a mistake because of someone else's mistake, best to just keep quiet about it. No need for 2 ships to go down.

11:31 AM #
Was gonna treat Vernon to Wing Wednesday as an anonymous "I'm sorry" but thought it'd be obvious. Might just leave a 20 on his desk.

11:35 AM #
Always gotta learn from your mistakes. I learned that soul sisters make some dynamite holiday treats. Might never go back to honkey cookies.