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DadBoner - Fri Dec 09 2011

09:06 AM #
"Rockin' around, the Friday tree, time to not do any work..." Happy Friday to ya, you guys!

09:18 AM #
Feel like no one should have to work on Fridays around the holidays. Everyone's too busy gettin' pumped for the big celebraish.

09:25 AM #
Might round up Ken & Vernon and head to Chili's for a "gents only" lunch. Could be our own little Christmas tradish!

09:33 AM #
We 3 Kings are off to Chili's! Ha! Just made that up. Bold holiday flavors, top shelf margs for the celebraish. The works. Super pumped!

09:35 AM #
Pretty sure if Jesus was born in modern times, the 3 Wisemen would have brought The Christ Child some Chili's to Go, you guys.