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DadBoner - Sat Dec 10 2011

12:03 AM #
Just woke up at home. Found a $179 receipt from Chili's in my billfold. Don't remember anything after going to Chili's. Worried, you guys.

10:55 AM #
Called Ken and Vernon. No answers. Bet they're still hurtin'. We musta really rocked it at Chili's. What a great start to the tradish.

10:59 AM #
Bet every year, when The Gents Only Holiday Chili's Crew walks in Chili's, they'll say, uh oh, here comes the fellas from Bad Boy City, USA.

11:00 AM #
Chili's should have a wall of fame. A pic of me, Ken, and Vernon with the $170 tab would let everyone know we are not to be messed with.