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DadBoner - Sun Dec 11 2011

12:52 PM #
Decided to get loose at Wild Spurs last night with Dave. My treat. Had a blast. Got turned on to that new jam, Country Girl Shake It For Me.

12:54 PM #
It's pretty much a rockin' party jam that turns the party out & makes the gals go wild. Don't care who you are, Country Girl is a feel good.

12:57 PM #
When Country Girl came on, Dave started doin this dance he calls, "The Peener." Pure pelvic thrusts. Really wild and carnal, you guys.

12:58 PM #
When Dave does "The Peener," it's time to clear off the dance floor, 'cause when he's on, he's pretty much the dirtiest player in the game.

01:02 PM #
Country Girl, shake it for me, girl. Shake it for me, you guys.

01:04 PM #
Dave was on fire. He made a deep tongue kiss to some overweight babe. Told him it's cool, mouths are all the same. Real proud of him.

01:11 PM #
As time goes by, for the most part, you only regret the things you DIDN'T do. Life is nothin without stories to tell the next day, you guys.

01:56 PM #
Feel like me and Dave should do a cover of this. Have him doin' "The Peener." Could be a sensation on the internet.