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DadBoner - Mon Dec 12 2011

12:48 PM #
Ken & Vernon are actin weird today. Wonder what went down at Chili's on Friday? Maybe they did somethin embarrassing after I blacked out.

12:51 PM #
Gonna go hang out by Vernon. See if I can get the scoop. When you need the 411, it's best to ask a soul brother with his ear to the streets.

02:16 PM #
Vernon said I was really wildin out at Chili's & he don't even know about me anymore. Guess I ordered a bunch of shots. Startin to remember.

02:19 PM #
Vernon & Ken didn't want any shots, so I said, "more for me." Vernon said I did 6 before the food came, then took down a few margs.

02:23 PM #
Ken ordered the "Quesadilla Explosion Salad." Vernon said I started "makin' some nastyass bathroom jokes" about it. You kinda have to.

02:25 PM #
Chili's Quesadilla Explosion Salad makes you have to take a Quesadilla Explosion Salad afterwards. Told Vernon it was just real talk.

02:33 PM #
Guess Ken got steamed & left. Vernon said I followed Ken out to his car makin BM sounds at him. He almost ran me over cause I wouldn't move.

02:37 PM #
Vernon told me I said I was glad Ken left so we could have a "guy to guy." He said "you got it all wrong, I ain't on the DL." Disabled list?

02:40 PM #
Guess I got steamed at Vernon for not getting ribs. He said I kept going on about "bold soul tastes" and knocked my plate on the ground.

02:43 PM #
Vernon said I ordered 2 more orders of ribs & had 3 shots while I waited. He had to get back to work when I tried to show him "The Peener."

02:44 PM #
V-Dog said I never made it back to work. When Nosey Lady asked where I was, he told her he didn't know. She said "I don't care anyway."

02:47 PM #
Kinda remember still being at Chili's by myself. Think I went up to some tables and tried to show them "The Peener" too.

02:49 PM #
Everyone better hold onto their hats, 'cause in no time, The Peener is gonna be the new dance craze that's sweepin the nation, you guys.

03:01 PM #
Dave invented The Peener a few years ago. But now it seems the time is right. Society is more open minded to carnal dance crazes.

03:03 PM #
Relieved that Vernon gave me the 411. Sounds like we had a blast! I really rocked it, bad boy style.

03:08 PM #
I don't always black out at Chili's, but why even go at all if you're not going to at least try? Especially during the bold holiday season.