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DadBoner - Tue Dec 13 2011

11:18 AM #
The Kid Rock Triple D episode was so money! Watched it 5 times. Wonder what the ratings were? Probably bigger than "Who Shot J.R.?"

11:21 AM #
Looks like Kid Rock is really kickin' up some bold flavors in Clarkston, MI. Gonna have to make a trip. Maybe hang with the American Badass.

11:49 AM #
Kid Rock hangin' with Guy Fieri on Triple D is such a television milestone. Like when Stevie Wonder was jammin' on the 1 with the Cosbys.

12:35 PM #
I really think me and Kid Rock could really hit it off. Right off the bat, we could compare rockin' pony adventures. Then, who knows?

12:44 PM #
Kid Rock is into cold ones, chest beefers, bold flavors, turnin' the party out & rockin' ponys. We're like brothers from another, you guys.

12:52 PM #
Maybe I should invite Guy & The Triple D crew to see how we do things bold around MY parts. Have him bring Kid Rock. It'd be such a blast.

01:08 PM #
There's other Chili's, but I think the Flint location really has somethin' special. Feels like a neighborhood joint. Real down home cookin'.