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DadBoner - Fri Dec 16 2011

12:05 AM #
wOW,. gonn b3 so hungovre tomroow you gulsy!

12:09 AM #
whe n youthink aout itj, youcant;t makea bm and baraf at tthe sma time. rarlly makse youy think,

12:27 AM #
cant' spel; rockn roll withot 'edie van halem" ssp badasas

12:29 AM #
suck it.

10:07 AM #
"All I want for Chrisss-muss, is Fridaaaay!!!" Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

10:13 AM #
Can't stop daydreamin' about the floor in the john. Must be so nice and cold for a snooze. Really over did it. Happens around the holidays.

10:18 AM #
Funny how when I'm hungover and want to die, if I had the choice, I'd still pick life. Survival of the fittest I guess.

10:34 AM #
Unless you screwed up in life & have to work at Wendy's or Sherwin Williams or some crap, you shouldn't have to do anything but party today.

10:43 AM #
Any boss who wants you to do work today needs a big steamy Xmas BM on their chair. That's just a fact. Gotta stand up to those sick animals.

10:43 AM #
Screw this, I'm goin' to sleep next to the toilet. Close the stall door. Really settle down for a long Christmas nap. It's a tradish.

01:34 PM #
Really conked out on the john floor. Needed the zzz's. Dreamt I was Kirk Gibson, fist pumpin' around the bases. Such a champion.

01:40 PM #
I bet Kirk Gibson only has dreams about being Kirk Gibson. Can't really beat just bein' Gibby, you guys.