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DadBoner - Sat Dec 17 2011

02:01 AM #
scrwew this crap. I'll stay up ast ate i want in cold one dity. i do what i want. its the goddanm holidays you fuys.

02:47 AM #
It ain't easy, lvin free: AcDCv.

02:55 AM #

01:15 PM #
Looks like I ripped the door off the microwave last night. Found it on the floor with a note to myself that says, "ACDC Microwave to Hell."

01:19 PM #
Think I had an idea where microwaves didn't have doors and AC/DC was on the infomercial. Not THAT stupid I guess. Could be a hit.

01:26 PM #
Don't feel well. Gonna go snooze in my car where it's cool & so, so quiet. Watch the snow come down. To sleep, perchance to dream, you guys.

05:33 PM #
Gonna put on Bruce's "The Rising" and try to figure it all out. Talk to me, Boss. Talk to me too, cold ones.

05:58 PM #
Whether it's AIDS, a major terrorist attack, or why you ripped off the microwave door in a drunk blackout, Bruce Springsteen has the answer.

06:01 PM #
Why don't we just make Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen the prez and vp? Only question is who would be what. The USA would be so beautiful.

06:36 PM #
Ann always said Oprah should be president. So stupid. The economy would be so screwed with her giving away free cars and pjs and crap.

09:11 PM #
Born to run, against the wind. -Springsteen/Seger 2012. Let's put America back in the White House, you guys.

09:50 PM #
Who knows America more than Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger?! It sure as shit ain't no corncob like Newt Romney, you guys.

11:37 PM #
Told Dave I could drive the 'Bring a thousand miles an hour into a volcano full of America still be the USA. A-hole thinks I'm wrong.

11:39 PM #
Come on up for The Rising, you guys. Please, come up for The Rising. Let's not let the USA go in the toilet. -Springsteen/Seger, 2012.

11:40 PM #
So sick of this crap with the USA. Let's roll, you guys. Never forget. -Springsteen/Seger 2012.