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DadBoner - Mon Dec 19 2011

12:58 AM #
Heard Kim bought the farm. Ha! Good riddance you short, worthless idiot. The USA rules. Ha! Enjoy hell, shitface. What a loser, you guys.

01:06 AM #
I hope there's a special hell for evil Orientals like Kim Jong Il. Really let him fry in eternity in some wok forever. Piece of garbage.

01:09 AM #
I know some Orientals. Good people. They crave bold flavors. But Kim Jong Il was a horrible human being. Let's all have a celebraish!

01:16 AM #
I COULD go to sleep. Or I COULD keep rockin all night long. Let's roll, USA -Springteen/Seger 2021.

11:11 AM #
Going to lay down in the john. Feel just awful. Death would be a welcome warm blanket right now, you guys.

01:52 PM #
I drink so much on Sundays cause I have to go to work on Monday. I'M not the problem. If I need to sleep by the toilet for 2 hrs I'll do it.

01:53 PM #
So sick of this.

08:04 PM #
After a bad day, nothin takes the edge off like a few cold ones and a Triple D marathon. My main man Guy is so on point for cheerin you up.