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DadBoner - Wed Dec 21 2011

10:51 AM #
Really gearin up for the big Secret Santa celebraish. Only took down 6 Mango Habs for Wing Wednesday. Gotta take advantage of the free eats.

10:55 AM #
Wrapped Nosey Lady's gift in toilet paper. Ha! Not used TP though. It's important to show some class when insulting someone, you guys.

11:29 AM #
Just took a sneak peak in the kitchen. Tons of goodies. No shrimp though. What's a holiday party without shrimp? Pretty steamed.

11:43 AM #
Gonna run to Kroger. Get my own personal shrimp platter. It's gonna rock. Show everyone how I roll. Too bad, so sad, for everyone else.

12:48 PM #
Got a bottle of Crown to go with my shrimp platter. Work only sprang for beer & wine. Hard booze holidays. That's my policy.

12:51 PM #
Pumped for the celebraish to start! When I walk into the party with my Crown and shrimp platter like a Christmas King, everyone'll go nuts.

12:54 PM #
Writin' my name on the platter. "KARL'S SHRIMP." Don't need any freeloaders thinkin it's part of the spread. People are so cheap.

01:00 PM #
Goin in the john with my Crown for some pregame sippers. Grunt out a BM premie. Doodoo free + a buzz = how to show up for a celebraish.

01:39 PM #
Secret Santa Celebraish 2011. Let's roll, you guys. Time to show work how the Christmas King from Bad Boy City, USA rocks the party!