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DadBoner - Mon Dec 26 2011

11:30 AM #
Had a blast at the soup kitchen yesterday, you guys. They already had enough hands on deck, so I just got to hang out. What a celebraish!

11:34 AM #
I brought a bunch of my own hot sauces, condiments, and special seasonings. It made that soup kitchen grub off the chain!

11:40 AM #
Told the soup kitchen director, let's guy to guy about the next celebraish. Make it Bold City! Told me I should get an evaluation. It's on!

11:43 AM #
Soup kitchen director gave me an OFFICIAL government address to go "talk to someone." Sounds hush hush. Philanthropy is serious biz.

11:51 AM #
Was rappin' with a soul brother from the streets named Peanut when I remembered my trunk liquor. He said he couldn't drink but I insisted.

11:56 AM #
Even if you're "not supposed to drink." It don't count on holidays. Life is short, drown your sorrow, drink today, not tomorrow. From "AA."

12:57 PM #
Ann never called back yesterday. Whatever. Dave ditched me to go somewhere. Whatever. Me and Peanut kept it trunk liquor rockin at the pad.

01:00 PM #
Peanut kept talkin' about "not wantin to live no more." Looks like I was his angel. Just kept feedin' him shots. They're good for the soul.

01:02 PM #
Peanut said, "he been around the way for a minute and ain't no good on the horizon." He talks SO cool. Kinda like John Fogerty.

01:06 PM #
When Peanut passed out & wet himself he looked peaceful like a baby. Felt like I truly did something GOOD this Christmas. Hallelujah to God.

01:08 PM #
This morning before I left, I told Peanut he could stay as long as it takes to get on his feet. I really feel a calling, you guys.

01:09 PM #
I think I finally know what Kid Rock meant when he said, "I'm a rock 'n roll Jesus." Gonna really shove my philanthropy in some faces.

08:30 PM #
Peanut sure is a handful. Keeps askin' "where my liquor at?" He drank it all! Ha! Told him we try to just have cold ones during the week.

08:32 PM #
Peanut just crashed into the knick knack table in Dave's room. Starting yelling at it. Oh that Peanut. He's just crabby 'cause he's sleepy.

08:34 PM #
Wonder where Dave is? Can't wait to introduce him to our new friend. Peanut just needs some love and he'll be on his feet in no time.

08:38 PM #
There he goes. Passed out on Dave's floor. Goodnight stars. Goodnight air. Goodnight noises everywhere, like Peanut screaming at the wall.

08:40 PM #
Goodnight Peanut. May God's blessed hand guide your slumber to peaceful rest. Hope he doesn't crap himself. Gonna hit the sack too.