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DadBoner - Tue Dec 27 2011

11:38 AM #
Dave called all freaked out. Said he went in the pad & there was a homeless guy on the floor. Told him it's cool, he's not homeless anymore.

11:40 AM #
Told Dave, havin' a real degenerate in the house could really teach us alot about ourselves, and how to give back when we're so blessed.

11:42 AM #
Dave said he wants Peanut out of the pad NOW. No way. He's my man. Told Dave to just put him in the john 'til I come home to talk about it.

11:44 AM #
Wakin up and seein a degenerate drunk hobo every morning is so money. Makes everyday a celebraish for how well you've got it together.

01:17 PM #
Think I'm gonna treat Dave & Peanut to a nice family supper at Chili's. Bold flavors, laughs, top shelf margs. It'll be a good ice breaker.

01:18 PM #
I wonder if Peanut's ever even HAD Chili's before? Man, I hope I don't blow his mind and ruin the soup kitchen grub for him forever.

01:20 PM #
WWJD around the holidays? Probably take a homeless guy out for Chili's. Maybe turn the dumpster grub into new grub for all poors to enjoy.