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DadBoner - Wed Dec 28 2011

12:09 PM #
Family supper a Chili's with Peanut & Dave was a disaster. Really steamed at those guys.

12:11 PM #
The Chili's manager wouldn't let me in 'cause "I thrusted my genitalia at customers on my last visit." I was showin' 'em The Peener!

12:13 PM #
Chili's manager said I'm not allowed back at the restaurant for a month. Really bummed. Banned for a whole month for DANCING? So stupid.

12:19 PM #
Carnal erotic dances & southwest flavors go hand in hand. The Lambada is fake doin' the nasty! The Peener goes hand in hand with Chili's.

12:21 PM #
Dave said 'cause I promised to treat him and Peanut to supper, I still had to pay and wait outside 'cause he blocked off his evening for it.

12:30 PM #
What did Dave have to block off his evening for? Pickin' your ass and eatin' Cool Ranch Doreets isn't really somethin that needs scheduling.

12:49 PM #
Dave & Peanut were in Chili's for 2 1/2 hours. Rang up a $120 tab on my card. Were so blasted they could hardly get in the car. So childish.

12:51 PM #
On the way home, I had to pull over twice for Peanut to barf his guts out. Guess he's not used to "people food." Made him sleep in the tub.

12:54 PM #
Think Peanut is a bad influence on Dave. Took the day off today. That's a 1st step to bein' a street animal with no friend but the bottle.

12:57 PM #
Sure I had 3 cold ones at lunch, but that was on my break from WORK for DubDub. It's not a problem if you still get the job done, you guys.

01:13 PM #
Might have a one man intervention for Dave & Peanut tonight. They have to learn that cold ones & top shelf margs are EARNED privileges.

01:14 PM #
If you don't have a job that makes you want to kill yourself, you don't deserve to drink until you want to die, you guys.