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DadBoner - Thu Dec 29 2011

12:30 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the NYE weekend celebraish, you guys.

12:32 PM #
Think the intervention with Dave and Peanut was a success. Afterwards, we all took down about a thousand beers and really talked it out.

12:34 PM #
There's no good way to have an honest intervention without some cold ones. Makes it loose and conversational. It's more productive.

12:51 PM #
After we got sauced, Peanut called Dave, my "n-word." I'm kinda jealous. I thought I was Peanut's "n-word?" I should at least be first.

12:53 PM #
When a black calls you the "n-word," it's like a right of passage into the magical soul brother kingdom, draped in purple velvet and gold.

01:16 PM #
Told Peanut and Dave we'd make it through the New Year, then really get on track. Only fair to have one last celebraish for the ages.

01:20 PM #
Taught Peanut how to do The Peener last night. Man, he just knocks it outta the park. Puts a little James Brown stank on it. OOOO-WEE!

01:22 PM #
That intervention really took it outta me. Feel like a Flint sewer. Gonna go catch some z's on the toilet. I earned it with my philanthropy.

01:34 PM #
Remember Velvet Jones? Ha! Reminds me of Peanut if he really got his act together. Might dig it up to show him everything he could be.