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DadBoner - Wed Jan 04 2012

10:51 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys. Tore all the meat off 6 Mango Habs and threw in on my Tender Salad. Highway to the Health Zone, 2012!

10:54 AM #
Accidentally had the collar up on my golf shirt this mornin. Peanut woke up on the kitchen floor & said, "Dang, you look mad swag, K-Money!"

11:00 AM #
Peanut's right. Don't know what it means, but I DO look "mad swag." Gotta do MY thing. K-Money in the house! 2012. Bigger, faster, stronger.

11:11 AM #
Goin' to do some pushups in john. Really get my body on point. Turn my Tender Wing Salad into muscle. Headin' to Bold Body City, USA.

01:33 PM #
Was doin some more 'shups in the john. There was water on the floor and I got a spot on my crotch. Doesn't look very swag.

01:44 PM #
Noticed my fake pee pee crotch stain when I caught Nosey Lady starin' at my business. Thought she caught the K-Money vapors, but no.

01:55 PM #
Even if your khakis have a big wet crotch, it's still inappropriate to stare at someone's junk if ya don't have carnal intentions, you guys.

01:57 PM #
Writin' it down: 1/4/2012, Nosey Lady stared at my business. Might have to bring it up when I have my meeting with the head honcho.