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DadBoner - Sun Jan 08 2012

02:29 AM #
Can't put the bottle down. One a those days where the good Lord'll make the call when you're done. Just wanna turn the page.

01:04 PM #
The pad is trashed. At least Peanut is pickin up all the bottles & cans. Feelin down. Ann won't pick up. Can't have nothin'. Sick of this.

01:08 PM #
Need a cheer me up. Gonna order a Papa's Favorite from Papa J's. It'll give me endorphins which helps with metabolism. Gotta be smart.

01:10 PM #
Just 'cause you're broken by the world & want to kill yourself and everyone in it, that's no excuse not to stay healthy and fit, you guys.

01:13 PM #
Plus, I bet I burned a buncha cals kickin the john door down last night. My hammy's pretty sore. I kinda earned some Papa John's.

09:01 PM #
Feel like the weekend was a bust. Real stinker. Gonna hit the sack with my Papa John's lefties. Bed pizza, take me away.