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DadBoner - Mon Jan 09 2012

10:42 AM #
Really draggin' today. Woke up in the night to smacky sounds from Peanut eatin' my bed pizza. Said he was cold and had a bad dream.

10:45 AM #
How's Peanut cold INSIDE? He's used to living OUTSIDE. Think Peanut's gettin' soft. Need to toughin him up, have him sleep on the balcony.

10:47 AM #
Never really thought about how street people might have bad dreams. Figured if you're living a nightmare, you wouldn't need to have 'em.

10:58 AM #
Gotta get back on the highway to the healthzone. Gonna do some 'shups in the john & pound a couple cans o' protein shake. Get my bod tight.

01:04 PM #
Maybe I should start lookin' for my own pad? Dave & Peanut might be beyond repair. Can let 'em bring me down when I'm so together.

02:54 PM #
Might have to break the news to the fellas tonight that I might be movin' on to greener pastures. Want my new pad to be mad swag.

02:57 PM #
Man, just think of all the babes I could crush with my K-Money moves if Dave & Peanut weren't around eatin' trash and makin' rank bm's.