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DadBoner - Tue Jan 10 2012

11:21 AM #
Couldn't break the news about movin' to a new pad to the boys last night. We got into a pretty heated argument about Dr. Pepper Ten.

11:30 AM #
Might start doin' product reviews. Could really help the world. Maybe hit up the Flint Journal or GQ. My column would be badass. Ann'd flip!

12:20 PM #
For my column, can't decide on whether to go with "Captain Karl's Corner" or "K-Money's Bold Bad Boy Reviews." Both kickass. So hard.

01:28 PM #
Nosey Lady keeps walkin by lookin over my shoulder. Can smell her coffee manure breath. Tryin to see what I'm writin. Beat it, fudge stripe!

06:10 PM #
Dave says I could never be a writer 'cause "you ain't got no experience." Idiot. It's "don't got ANY experience." Such a no class corncob.

06:15 PM #
I have LIFE experience, mad swag, carnal moves, business mindedness, the works. Could be the next Mickey Rooney. Really tell it how it is.