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DadBoner - Sat Jan 14 2012

12:37 PM #
Tryin' to piece together last night. Don't know where Peanut is. Hope he's not dead. It'd really ruin the weekend.

12:44 PM #
Dave said he heard me come home, but no Peanut. Guess I made a DiGiorno Unpizza for health and try to flush the crust down the toilet.

12:46 PM #
Dave said I kept screamin' how "Jamie Lee Curtis' ripe old beefers would soon be mine" and "suck it everyone." Don't remember that.

12:48 PM #
Apparently, I also wrote "Highway To The Peener Zone" on the broken john door in marker, then laughed so hard I threw up my unpizza. Oh god.

12:51 PM #
I just hope Peanut isn't frozen to death. He's filled with liquor, so I don't think it's possible, but I might have to go do some recon.

04:55 PM #
Couldn't find Peanut anywhere. Walked all the way around the block. Twice. When a pal might be frozen dead, you gotta make the extra effort.

04:57 PM #
Gonna make up a batch of fishsticks with my Captain Karl's 7 Seas Tartar Sauce. Bold ocean flavors. Really off the hook. (special recipe)

05:08 PM #
Whenever I had a bad day at school, my mom'd make me fishsticks to cheer me up. Never had a mourn a possibly froze to death pal, but still.

05:17 PM #
If Peanut doesn't get back before the next game, gonna have to call off the search 'til tomorrow. Friends is friends, but it's the playoffs.

06:57 PM #
Looks like God doesn't even have time for Tim Tebow right now. Probably not a good time to ask him for help with Peanut.

07:07 PM #
Dave said Tim Tebow's not into babes. His main squeeze is Jesus. Nice to see the church is comin' around to bein' open to modern times.

08:18 PM #
Tim Tebow shoulda started prayin' earlier instead of just when he gets somethin' he wants. The Big Man don't like fair weather worshippin'.

08:23 PM #
Whether you're straight or in a guy on Guy relationship like Tim Tebow, you shouldn't need a reason to say nice things to the one you love.

09:56 PM #
Should probably flyer the neighborhood & a few of Peanut's hot spots tomorrow. Least I can do. Maybe he just wants to get back to his roots?