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DadBoner - Sun Jan 15 2012

01:10 PM #
Asked at Taco Bell if they saw Peanut. Nothin. So I got a taco 12 pack. Hard to stay in the health zone when a poor pal could be dead,

01:16 PM #
Poors love eatin outta the Taco Bell garbage. It's pretty much the same as eatin' inside but with a little less dignity & alot more value.

08:33 PM #
Asked Dave if he wanted to say some prayers for Peanut for before bed. He said, "Nah. That's gay." And went to in his room. So selfish.

08:37 PM #
Prayin's the easiest way to get somethin done without tryin in real life. Whether you're poor and lazy, or just lookin' for a homeless pal.