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DadBoner - Wed Jan 18 2012

12:58 PM #
Happy Wing Wednesday. Got an Asian Zing Chicken Salad with 6 Mango Habs on top. If it touches salad, it's part of the salad, you guys.

01:00 PM #
Kept it in the health zone with LIGHT Asian Sesame Dressing. Bold karate flavors with a real kick. Hi-ya! BDubs should put that on the menu.

01:02 PM #
Haven't heard back from Esquire yet. Gettin' kinda steamed. Be real embarrassin if I rubbed it in Dave's face & had a celebraish for nothin.

03:35 PM #
Forgot I told Dave I'd grill him a steak dinner if I wasn't on the Esquire food website on the internet by tomorrow. Sick of this.

03:38 PM #
Dave keeps rubbin' his stomach, makin' hungry eyes at me, lickin' his chops, and doin' groany sounds. It's kinda looks carnal. Wanna puke.