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DadBoner - Sat Jan 21 2012

10:31 AM #
Is it too much to ask to be able to watch some afternoon television without hearing about some corncob's erection problems?

10:34 AM #
Really sick of this. If your peener doesn't work, why would you NOT already see a doctor. Who's waiting around for an ad to tell 'em that?!

10:39 AM #
"Whelp, my peener doesn't go erected when I feel carnal anymore. Guess I had a good run." No! Go to the doctor idiot! Your tool is broke!

10:42 AM #
If my peener isn't hot n ready when I'm in the mood with a babe, I'm not waitin' around for a commersh to tell me how to get my groove back.

11:04 AM #
Who would see a doctor if you have an erection lasting more than 4 hrs? Makes more sense to just see some more babes, if you catch my drift.

10:26 PM #
Drinkin' some cold ones with Dave & Peanut. Havin' a guy's night. Watchin' a Stone Cold documentary Dave got for Xmas. Gimme a hell yeah!

10:32 PM #
Stone Cold has the right attitude when it comes to authority. Really admire how he don't take crap from no one. Takin' notes.

10:35 PM #
Stone Cold likes to call people, "pieces of trash." Really gets your point across. Direct, but honest. Writin' it down.

10:36 PM #

10:37 PM #
Might have to make a KARL 3:16 t-shirt. So badass. It'd really let everyone know they're pieces of trash, you guys.

10:58 PM #
Dave threw me a cold one so I could catch it like Stone Cold. Went through the front window. Really whipped it. Idiot. Freezin in here.

11:33 PM #
Turned the furnace all the way up and hittin the sack. Lettin' Peanut sleep on my floor instead of the tundra living room. Really steamed.