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DadBoner - Mon Jan 23 2012

11:22 AM #
Dave didn't leave his room all night or this mornin. Hope he's not dead. I'd be in some real hot water. Wonder where he's makin bathroom?

12:30 PM #
Wore my KARL 3:16 tee to work today. Nosey Lady said, "I didn't know you were religious, Karl?" Idiot. What a piece of trash.

09:06 PM #
Dave's been walkin' around with a Lean Pocket on his black eye all night. It's not even frozen anymore, all fallin' apart. Really milkin it.

09:10 PM #
In war sometimes it's bro vs. bro. And sometimes that "war" is slammin yer best pal's face into a coffee table with a Stone Cold Stunner.

09:14 PM #
Usually, when someone really wants you to feel bad for 'em, it's because they got what they deserved. The strong suffer alone in the john.