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DadBoner - Tue Jan 24 2012

12:09 PM #
Crap, I can hear Peanut downstairs in the work parking lot, screaming, "YO! K-MONEY!" Good thing no one at work knows my swag name.

12:26 PM #
Peanut is tryin' to get in the back door at work. Keeps screamin' K-MONEY! Everyone is at the window. Think Nosey is callin the police.

12:32 PM #
Don't want Peanut to go to jail. Gonna tell everyone I'll handle it, Roadhouse style. Gotta cement myself as the alpha dog at work.

01:46 PM #
Man, Peanut was really messed up. He kept babbling about "how Dave sent him with a special message about Prince playin' fo' the Tigs" and...

01:48 PM #
..."how I wouldn't take Dave's calls but looks like the good news and time fo' a celebraish 'cause all is forgiven." Peanut was so crazed...

01:53 PM #
...I told him this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts him and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner in the parking lot. Had to get it on.

01:55 PM #
Gonna have to make it up to Peanut when I get home. He'll understand when I tell him it was so 5-O didn't sweat him. Tough love.

01:56 PM #
When I came back into work, everyone was kinda silent. Guess they never saw street justice handed out before. Think Nosey called the Honcho.

01:58 PM #
Might get a promotion when the big wigs hear about how I defended work from a violent street animal. Maybe even a medal of honor.

02:43 PM #
Ken just asked me if I was pumped for Prince Fielder in Detroit. That's what Peanut meant. Thought he meant purple Prince. Oh no, you guys.

02:45 PM #
I gotta get home. Gonna go all out for big celebraish. Chips, dips, cold ones, top shelf whatever crap Peanut drinks. The works.

02:47 PM #
After a violent situaish with your pals get out of hand, nothin' says, "I'm sorry about injuring you" like the gift of bold flavors.

02:57 PM #
When Prince gets signed, it's time to party like it's 1999, you guys. Ha! D-Town. Bad Boy City, USA. Let's do this. Bless you boys.