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DadBoner - Wed Jan 25 2012

01:13 PM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys. Got a late start. Peanut was asleep in the shower on this mornin fully clothed. Maybe how he does his 'dray?

01:27 PM #
Went all out for the Prince Fielder signin celebraish. Dave made us play a game where you had to drink everytime Prince says 1999. Not good.

01:59 PM #
Not sure if it was all the Mad Dog we pounded, but Peanut really does a good Prince impression. Makes you uncomfortable carnally.

02:04 PM #
If you make other fellas uncomfortable with your carnal vibes, that's a good sign that babes are achin to get in the sack to see your moves.

08:02 PM #
Dave said he's more into Adam Richmond than Guy Fieri. Thinks he's more "fearless." Dave has no idea what savoring cuisine is all about.

08:05 PM #
Adam Richmond shovels in food like a retarded guy gettin tricked by kids at school to eat garbage for money. Guy Fieri is all about class.

08:16 PM #
Alot of these corncobs today often confuse bein' "fearless" with "havin' a lack of pride or shame," you guys.

08:21 PM #
I got nothin' against Adam Richmond. But sayin' he's better than Guy is like sayin' Bill Laimbeer is better than Michael Jordan.