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DadBoner - Fri Jan 27 2012

08:07 AM #
Crap. Just woke up on the couch. Got up early and decided to run for Mickey D's breffest. Took out 2 McGriddles & 4 Browns, then crashed.

08:13 AM #
If Mickey Ds sold breffest all day Wendy's & BK could kiss their butts goodbye. They probly shake in their shoes waitin for the day to come.

08:16 AM #
Almost went bonkers on some babe for gettin' a Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait at Mickey D's this mornin' til I saw her caboose. Had it goin on!

08:27 AM #
Never felt bad about eatin' a hearty breffest at Mickey D's. Goes right through you. It's when they use the finest all natural ingredients.

08:30 AM #
Told the Mickey D's babe that their breffest is good for digestion. Keeps the body tight. I'm a healthzone man myself. She played it cool.

08:32 AM #
Brought Dave & Peanut a couple of Mickey D's browns. If you get up early for Mickey D's breffest and don't, you're a real piece of trash.

08:33 AM #
Wonder what that babe's name was? Might have to start hangin' out at Mickey D's in the AM. Show her I'm a go getter.

08:35 AM #
If you get up early enough for Mickey D's breffest and don't get Mickey D's breffest, then you may as well just stay in bed, you guys.

01:01 PM #
"I am a real American, Friday night rocks for every man!" Happy Friday to ya, you guys!

10:17 PM #
Took 'er easy tonight. Just kicked back with a dozen cold ones, 4 turkey cheese un-burgs, Guy, and the Triple D crew. Nice to recharge.

10:19 PM #
Gonna hit the sack. No word from Ann yet. She's probably worried she looks too fat to see me. Gals, am I right? Maybe hit her up in the AM.

10:22 PM #
Can't stop thinkin' about that breffest babe at Mickey D's with the rockin' caboose. If only Ann knew my options, she'd ring back pronto.