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DadBoner - Mon Jan 30 2012

12:50 PM #
Workin on Peanut's Penthouse Forum letter. Real "adults only." Is "Fine bitch's coochie was hella stank" offensive to urban readers?

01:08 PM #
When I finish this up, might have to have Vernon give it a look. See if it gives him a carnal hunger from the soul brother point of view.

05:14 PM #
Told Peanut I'm havin' problems with his Penthouse Forum letter. Don't get half the jive words he uses and everything's about "bitches."

05:16 PM #
Told Peanut if he wants me to help him, he has to compromise a little. Let me bring some K-Money swag into the romance department.

05:24 PM #
Maybe you can say stuff like "layin' the pipe" in Hustler, but we're talkin PENTHOUSE here. It's for gentlemen who crave tasteful erotics.