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DadBoner - Tue Jan 31 2012

07:46 AM #
Think I finally got Peanut's Penthouse Forum letter to be good. We both don't fully agree on it and there were almost some tears shed.

07:49 AM #
When a white and a black homeless come together for an erotic tale of carnal desires, there's bound to be creative differences, you guys.

08:00 AM #
When you're writin' somethin' on behalf of a black, you gotta keep it real. But not so real that whites can't enjoy it. Like on Martin.

08:20 AM #
Alotta whites are just scared of blacks 'cause they're loud with mad swag. Never understood that. I say, turn up the fun volume on equality.

08:24 AM #
The worst racists are poor whites. Probably 'cause they know when it comes down to hustlin' for scraps with poor blacks, they're gonna lose.

08:32 AM #
Black or white, all peoples mostly just want a few cold ones, a couple laughs, and some 'za. Supreme. America. You & me. It's not so hard.

08:48 AM #
Don't know where Vernon is. Left him Peanut's "Sheila's Shell Station Fill Up" letter to Penthouse for notes. Hope he digs the erotic soul.

02:54 PM #
Guess Vernon didn't appreciate Peanut's Penthouse Forum letter I left him. I know 'cause he said, "Yo Karl, I don't appreciate this shit."

03:58 PM #
Asked Vernon if he'd have a soul bro to bro with Peanut 'bout how to bring more romantic carnality to his erotic fiction game.

04:12 PM #
Vernon said, "You don't get it Karl. You can't be leavin' me nasty ass stories around at my job. What the hell is this!? Who Peanut, Karl!?"

04:15 PM #
"Coochie drippin' like off the chain bold flavor BBQ? Got her thick 'n rich cocoa booty all up in the Shell Station sink on my jimmy?!"

04:18 PM #
"Sheila was goin' buckwild for a taste of my Don Cornelius & the Soul Train dancers?!" What kinda sick bullshit goin' on at your crib Karl?!

04:25 PM #
And what the hell with the part where, "Then trick ass Sheila big breasts hit me in the face like Jello Puddin', you guys?!" I don't want...

04:28 PM # part of ya'll's horny freak club, Karl. Stay away from me. You nasty. Sick of you. You get me laid off Imma bust yo ass.

04:37 PM #
It's badass Vernon thinks we have a real player situation at the crib, but Peanut's gonna be disappointed that he didn't like his letter.

04:42 PM #
It's just a stereotype that all blacks get their jimmys hyped up for erotic pleasures from the same adult tales of passion, you guys.