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DadBoner - Wed Feb 01 2012

11:43 AM #
Finally finished Peanut's letter to Penthouse forum. Still don't think it's up to their standards. Too raunchy. Might be too "street."

12:02 PM #
Peanut got steamed when I told him I couldn't send it in to Penthouse. Told him we'd just put it on Craigslist instead and it was the same.

12:02 PM #
If there's one thing homeless people don't know, it's the difference between Penthouse Forum, and Craigslist, you guys.

12:09 PM #
Showed Peanut his Penthouse Forum letter on Craigslist. He said, oh snap! I made the internet, K-Money?! World wide! Nice to see him smile.

12:17 PM #
Guess Peanut's letter to Penthouse DID turn out pretty swag. Not for me, but I don't judge.

01:58 PM #
Checked if Peanut got any bites on his Craigslist Penthouse letter. Looks like it got taken down. Must be a glitch. Kinda steamed.

02:21 PM #
Put Peanut's Craigslist Penthouse ad back up. Left a note with it so they know he's genuine about gettin' published:

09:34 PM #
Whoa. Just saw Don Cornelius murdered himself. Weird that Peanut was just talkin' about him yesterday. Maybe Peanut has special powers?

09:36 PM #
Maybe it's the Crown & Diets talkin', but the curse of Peanut might be a real thing. Might have to take advantage.

09:40 PM #
Real sad about Don Cornelius. He brought the world of soul from the inner city night clubs right into your home where it's safe.

09:41 PM #
Pretty sure I bought The Best of Soul Train collection last year. Wonder where it is? Gonna call Ann, see if she's seen it anywhere.

09:48 PM #
Ann didn't pick up. Callin' back. Hope she didn't throw out my Best of Soul Train DVDs. They're probably worth a ton of money now.

10:00 PM #
Goddamnit Ann. This is IMPORTANT. A beloved man is gone and I need my Soul Train DVDs to commemorate him by. Callin' back.

10:05 PM #
Makin' another C&D to toast Don C with Peanut. Double soul. Pourin' a little out for the main man. It's the Soooooouul Train!

10:15 PM #
Gettin' hammered with Peanut. It's the right thing to do. Bet no other white people from work are respectin Don C right now. Had to step up.

10:43 PM #
Callin' Ann. Sick of this.