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DadBoner - Thu Feb 02 2012

11:11 AM #
If Peanut can make people kill themself by talkin' about them like Don Cornelius, we should have a big discussion about Jerry Sandusky.

11:12 AM #
I've anyone deserves a barrel in their mouth, it's Jerry Sandusky, NOT the guy who brought us the joy of Soul Train, you guys. Ain't right.

11:14 AM #
Jerry Sandusky'll like burning in hell. They probably have really hot showers for his shenanigans.

02:30 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the Super Bowl weekend, you guys.

04:21 PM #
Pretty long message from Ann on the answering machine. Says I called 27 times last night about Soul Train. Number seems kinda high.

04:26 PM #
Ann wants a call back pronto when I get her message. Guess she wants to have a talk in person. Worried she threw out my Soul Train DVDs.

05:04 PM #
If Ann threw out my Best of Soul Train, I'm gonna be so steamed. Gonna make her sweat it out before I call back.