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DadBoner - Sat Feb 04 2012

12:33 PM #
Me Dave & Peanut really put a dent in the cold ones that were s'posed to be for the Super Celebraish. Probably shouldn't've bought em early.

12:44 PM #
Was steamed we drank too many cold ones. Peanut said, "Why you mad K-Money? That's how we do this shit!" Peanut's smarter than you'd think.

12:46 PM #
Peanut's right. That IS how we do this shit. Never feel bad about drinkin' the cold ones. There is no "too many." They'll make more. USA.

12:50 PM #
If you wanna have a rockin Super Bowl Celebraish, ya gotta tear it up the Fri & Sat before. Go all out. You play how you practice, you guys.

01:05 PM #
Dave just had a great idea. Is it ok to drink cold ones while you shop for cold ones? They sell cold ones, it's indoors, so must be legal.

01:07 PM #
Feelin' REAL good today! Super pumped for the Super Bowl Celebraish. Gonna pound a few and hit the store to restock.

01:24 PM #
Somedays there ain't nothin' that can stop you. And ain't nothin wrong with simple rock n roll that makes ya feel good.

05:03 PM #
Some kid in the dairy section tried to give me & Dave crap bout drinkin' cold ones in the store. They were in koozies and brought from home!

05:05 PM #
When I go to the grocery store every other wideload mom is suckin' down a coffee drink from outside, why can't I have a cold beer from home?

05:07 PM #
Dave told that dairy kid to shut his mouth and know his role, then pounded a beer in his face. It was harsh, but deserved. He went Davecore.

05:11 PM #
The manager got all up in our face when I was gettin' my Pizza Dip fixins'. Already finished our cold ones. Told him WE were bein' harassed.

05:13 PM #
Grocery manager asked why we had koozies if we weren't drinkin' beers. I said, "Dunno, why do cowboys have holsters, corncob?"

05:15 PM #
When you're right about something, and someone won't budge, it's ok to lie right to their face. Either that or open up a can of whuppass.

05:19 PM #
Told the grocery store manager that Karl 3:16 says we'll be takin' our business elsewhere. Really shut that bag of crap down.

06:21 PM #
Gotta prep my Captain Karl's Pizza Dip before I get too bombed in preparin' to get bombed at the celebraish tomorrow, you guys.

06:22 PM #
Captain Karl's Pizza Dip: This dish is sure to please at any Super Bowl Celebraish. Kicked up with bold supreme 'za flavors, you don't...

06:27 PM #
...have to be a dirty guido sailor to score a touchdown in the endzone of the 7 seas. CK'sPD'll get ya flagged for an excessive celebraish!

06:30 PM #
Captain Karl's Supreme Pizza Dip: 1 package of cream cheese. Plenty of chopped 'roni. 2 cups of mozz'. Black & green olives. Some...

06:33 PM #
...chopped sweet onion, 1 fine diced clove of garlic (kicks it up off the chain), a jar of whatever PIZZA sauce (not 'ghetti), and...

06:36 PM #
...some browned & crumbled spicy italian sausage. I likes to add a few dashes of Frank's. So money. Layer it all in a Pyrex...

06:38 PM # with parm & hot shakey pepps. Bake at 375 til it's done. Don't be stupid about it. You'll be able to tell. I serve that bad boy...

06:40 PM #
...with Frito's Scoops. They can handle the bold situaish. And if ya wanna hit it with some ranch before servin', I ain't gonna stop ya.