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DadBoner - Sun Feb 05 2012

10:24 AM #
Super Bowl Sunday Celebraish 2012. All hands on deck! Let's roll, you guys.

11:39 AM #
Crap, still haven't rang Ann back. Gotta get that outta the way so it doesn't interrupt the big day. She can be thoughtless sometimes.

11:50 AM #
Heard Madonna's rollin' out her old beefers for the halftime gig. Hope she does Lucky Star. Real funky. Big shout out to beautiful Bay City.

12:22 PM #
Gonna make up a batch of Top Shelf Margs (special recipe) to really "kick off" the celebraish. Ha! Makin em double special, you guys. (wink)

12:59 PM #
The Super Bowl is the most important holiday of the year. It's for ALL Americans, not like Christmas. Today, we rock as one, you guys.

01:00 PM #
We're gonna burn it to the ground tonight!

01:03 PM #
Crap, gotta go ring Ann before these margs kick in.

03:02 PM #
Finally got off the phone with Ann. Said she's filing for divorce. Good riddance. Nothin's gonna ruin today. NOTHIN.

03:12 PM #
Women like to time bad news like "Filin for divorce" to ruin things like the Super Bowl. I'll show her. Take the celebraish off the chain!

03:19 PM #
America, you guys. Take your goddamn hats off for this beautiful lady.

03:41 PM #
Budweiser Platinum has "Top Shelf Taste." Might have to check it out. Too bad they made a vampire commersh for 12 year old girls.

03:44 PM #
Whoa, Peanut sure looks alot like that Flavor Flavor buffoon. Might have to take advantage. Celebs get all the primo babes.

04:40 PM #
Man, watchin' the Super Bowl just feels so much better knowin' I'm free from the ol' ball & chain. Single & ready to mingle, you guys.

04:53 PM #
Dave's breakin' out a little grass from his "secret stash." Really kick up the halftime to the next level. Peanut's raisin' the roof.

04:56 PM #
Peanut's real steamed we don't have any grape blunts. Guess it's an old street secret from the brothers. Sounds like a bold flavor situaish.

05:13 PM #
Madonna is one foxy grandma, you guys.

05:15 PM #
Thank god for the mute button. Madonna looks way better when she's singin' Stranglehold. No Lucky Star? No thank you.

05:22 PM #
Holy shit. Clint Eastwood givin' all us proud Americans a feel good on Detroit. On America. I just don't have guys. God bless us.

05:47 PM #
At the end of this game, it won't be the Pats or the Giants who win. It's already Detroit, MI. Clint Eastwood, MVP.

06:11 PM #
Dave said, "Shot contest. Whoever wins is the best American. Clint Eastwood style." So stupid. Gonna clean his clock though.

06:29 PM #
3 to 3.

06:44 PM #
6 to 4. I must break Dave. Ther's no easy way out. There's no short cutr home in a shot contest, you gusy

06:54 PM #
9 to 6! Dave's abarfed! I won it. I woen the shots! Ha! Caue stone Cold Karal Welzein said so!!

06:56 PM #
Gointo Ann's gonna set her straight on who's the man. Gotta style and profile like nevr beifore.,