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DadBoner - Wed Feb 08 2012

09:21 AM #
Whoa, just hit me. Maybe Ann only filed for divorce so she could get my attention for Valentimes Day? Makes sense now. She must be hard up.

09:30 AM #
Valentimes Day is a load. Tells babes that carnal passions are a once a year trade for crap. For me romance is a 24/7, 365 situaish.

09:36 AM #
Might go all out for Valentimes. Show Ann what she's gonna miss. This K-Money swag doesn't grow on trees. Might get her somethin' from Kay.

10:59 AM #
"Every kiss begins with Kay" sounds like it was written by that prostitute who screwed over Richard Gere for the big bucks. Pretty sad.

11:29 AM #
Kay, Zales & Jared are all basically tellin your sweetie they're worthless unless they get a piece of junk in exchange for carnal pleasures.

11:32 AM #
"Every prostitute begins with Kay." It's a gateway drug to takin' your pants off for anything worth money. Protect the children, you guys.

01:52 PM #
Supposed to meet Ann & her chump lawyer on Friday. Goin to do some 'shups in the john. Always go into war with your guns blazin', you guys.