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DadBoner - Fri Feb 10 2012

07:27 PM #
Been out celebratin' at 'Bees. Really shut that lawyer down. When I showed up he said to Ann, "Are you serious?" He knew he was toast.

07:33 PM #
Ann's lawyer said his name was "Darren." Asked if that was a girl's name. He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. Idiot.

07:36 PM #
Made sure to leave my Maui Jims on. Shows that you don't respect another man enough to let him see your eyes. It's an Arabian power move.

09:15 PM #
When Darren asked if I'd like some water, I got out my pocket cold one. Told him, "Sorry, I have a MAN'S thirst, Darren." BOLD power move.

09:18 PM #
Ann told me, "Stop it, Karl. You're embarrassing yourself." Then I took off my sportcoat and, BAM, sleeveless dress shirt. Checkmate, Ann.

09:22 PM #
When you go into an offish meeting with a 'rang, rockin' pony, a sleeveless dress shirt, & Maui Jim shades, everyone else better pucker up.

09:26 PM #
When Darren tried to start with his legal crap, it was time to play hardball. The Walkman came out & my Whitesnake tape slid in. POWER move.

09:29 PM #
I timed it just right to the most rockin' part of Still of The Night, crushed my Busch, tossed in the the corner and told Ann...

09:32 PM #
...if you wanna get dirty, we can do it one on one. But I ain't hearin' crap from no corncob lawyer in a lady's purple blouse.

09:34 PM #
I'm Captain Karl, The Mayor of Bad Boy City, USA. NEVER forget, you guys.

09:36 PM #
I musta sat in the 'Bring for 45 minutes crankin' Still of The Night over and over. So pumped. When Ann and that Darren...

09:36 PM #
...piece of trash came out, I gave him the cut your throat sign and peeled out. Hit a curb, but still, pretty badass.

09:38 PM #
Had to get it on, so I hit 'Bees for a one man celebraish. Bought some babes 5 or 6 rounds. They had to split, but I made a sweet impresh.

09:39 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now.

09:49 PM #
If you time a power move to 3:57 in Still of The Night by Whitesnake, it's like touchin' the hand of God, and anything is possible.