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DadBoner - Sun Feb 12 2012

04:24 PM #
Heard that Whitney Houston babe passed on. Guess she was a doper. Pretty sad. Wish I coulda done somethin'.

04:36 PM #
Maybe all Whitney Houston needed was a heart to heart over a coupla cold ones. Sometimes we all need a nudge towards the health zone.

04:38 PM #
Heard it all went downhill for Whitney Houston when she hooked up with that one bozo who likes to pee on babes.

04:56 PM #
Now's the time for everyone to band together for the children. Teach them to stick to cold ones and let them lead the way, you guys.

08:39 PM #
Big meetin' tomorrow with the head honcho. Ridin' high after shuttin' that lawyer down. Time to style & profile like never before.

08:40 PM #
If you're gonna make everyone eat your dust, the least you can do is kick it up with bold flavors, you guys.