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DadBoner - Mon Feb 13 2012

06:07 PM #
Had quite a day with the head honcho. Havin' a guy to guy is how business gets done. Might be movin' up the ranks.

06:17 PM #
Head honcho wanted to meet at Chili's. Said I was on a break from there 'cause of "The Peener." Gave him a nod. Could tell he heard of it.

06:18 PM #
The Peener must be really sweepin' the nation. He didn't even ask me about it. Gotta start lookin' for it in music videos.

06:22 PM #
Told Head Honcho that the move lately has been to hit up 'Bees. Maybe the lunch crowd babes could feel our power moves.

06:28 PM #
Lunch was on work so I got the 2 for 20 'Bees combo for 1. Gotta take advantage. Maximizin your dollar shows leadership skills.

06:32 PM #
Head honcho said they were thinkin' about movin' me on 'til Nosey Lady told him 'bout the split with Ann. Said it explained alot.

06:34 PM #
Never thought about it, but I guess Ann really held me back. Don't blame 'em. No one wants a married snooze around. Makes sense.

06:39 PM #
Started tellin' Honcho about how I was in a real groove. About Peanut. CKPS. All the babes on my jock. The works.

06:42 PM #
After Honcho head my story, he seemed kinda sad, like his life was a steamer. Joined me in a Main St.'Rita. They go down so smooth.

06:46 PM #
Think my story could help folks. Might have to show someone this crap when I get to the top. Really inspired the Head Honcho to rock.

06:51 PM #
Head Honcho musta had 6 Main St. 'Ritas. Told him we should slow down, but he just kept lookin' at me sad. Had to be strong and encouraging.

06:55 PM #
Told Honcho we should go to Paddy's. Keep the guy to guy goin as an all day celebraish. Had to help him to the 'Bring.

06:57 PM #
Honcho kept sayin' "I'm sorry Karl. Not supposed to drink." Ha! Looked like he knew what he was doin' so I got out some trunk liquor.

07:00 PM #
After we had a few shots at Paddy's, told Honcho I'd take him back to work, but he'd have to find his own ride to 'Bees. I'm not a taxi.

07:03 PM #
Can't wait to rub it in Nosey Lady's face how the Honcho is my new main man. He even called her a pigout! Gonna drop the bomb.

07:05 PM #
Anytime you have a guy to guy that ends in a possible physical illness, you know a real bond has been created for life, you guys.

08:19 PM #
Super pumped for the Valentimes Day celebraish. You never know what lonely babes have urges for last second carnal passions.

08:23 PM #
Wearin' my red silk shirt tomorrow. So plush. Mad swag. It's got a couple stains, but you can hardly see 'em. Can't get rid of "Lucky Red."

08:26 PM #
Haven't gotten out "Lucky Red" for a few years. Wasn't really any point with "Dead End Ann" ridin' the love breaks. Could clean up tomorrow.