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DadBoner - Tue Feb 14 2012

09:55 AM #
Guess the Head Honcho might be in hot water. Nosey Lady said he came back to work & puked. Vernon and Ken had to carry him outta the john.

09:58 AM #
It's a real shame. Honcho might have a drinkin' problem. Hope he gave me the thumbs up before he vomited and passed out like a slob.

10:03 AM #
Brought my jam box to work. Settin the tone with some carnal grooves. Dave let me borrow his Atlantic Starr tape. Gotta make it special.

10:06 AM #
Ken gave me crap bout my red silk shirt. Keeps lookin at my guy nips and sayin, Turkey's Done. Assclown. It's SUPPOSED to be sheer & erotic.

10:42 AM #
Made myself a nice shoe box mail box for Valentime's. Says, "Captain Karl's Erotic Post Office. Insert the love!" Ha! (Just some guy humor.)

10:46 AM #
Wonder what Ann's up to. Might be a good day to have "one for the road." Don't wanna jump the gun though. Gonna farm team her til late nite.

10:51 AM #
On Valentime's, there's sad ol chest beefers just achin for passion from coast to coast. Gotta hold out for premium taste. Can't get greedy.

12:01 PM #
No one gave me a Valentime yet. Not ONE. Turnin' up "Always." Undoin' another button on Lucky Red. Goin' to the john to re-'logne.

12:32 PM #
Came back from my re-'logne & a quick grunt. Had a Valentime in my Erotic Post Office. No name on it. Just says "Chin Up, Karl. Bless you."

12:34 PM #
Hmm, "Chin up. Bless you?" Could be carnal innuendo. Sort of a Madonna taboo thing. Either way, the heat is on.

12:41 PM #
Gonna go hang out by the 'Bring. Maybe have some trunk liquor. Really let my erotic vibes air out. Pits are soakin my red silk like a demon.

05:15 PM #
Work didn't do crap for Valentime's. Even had to stay the whole day. So stupid. People need time to rev up for erotic redline fantasies.

05:21 PM #
Hair dried the pits on my silk shirt. Headin out with Dave to hunt down only the finest lonely sea wenches. Might get hot n heavy.