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DadBoner - Wed Feb 15 2012

01:03 PM #
Last night pretty much rocked. Had to sleep at work though. Still wearin my red silk shirt. Spilled nachos on it so at least I look partied.

01:18 PM #
Dave wore his "I have a heart on for you" tee. Such a classic. Babes are always like, "WHAT?!" Really gets a convo goin.

01:26 PM #
We hit up Paddy's first and I gotta say, the babes were top shelf. You could smell the bold flavor of desire in the air. Real premium.

01:34 PM #
Me and Dave bee lined right to a pair of babes with hungry man chest beefers. Over a pound of food. I took the lead, Maverick style.

01:35 PM #
I broke the ice with, "You babes ready to rock tonight or are you easy listening?" Then Dave pointed at his "I have a heart on" tee.

01:43 PM #
I ordered a round of romance with trainin wheels. You could tell these babes were thirsty for love 'cause there was no time for thank yous.

01:53 PM #
I puked my first shot into my mouth but got it back down the hatch. Could tell the babes were impressed. Power move. Might do it more often.

02:02 PM #
After I paid their tab, the babes had to split. Said we could party another time but they were havin' gals night. Gotta respect the ladies.

02:50 PM #
Hmmm...can't remember those babes names. Dave said he memorized their number. Wrote it down under, "Succulent Chest Beefers."

08:55 PM #
Still don't know how I woke up at work today. Kinda confused. Nice to imagine the possibilities though.

09:07 PM #
If ya black out from booze, but wake up covered in nachos, it lets you know everything was a-ok. Nothin bad happens when you're eatin 'chos.