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DadBoner - Thu Feb 16 2012

10:46 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

02:21 PM #
Not feelin' so hot today, havin' alot of 'rrhea problems. Gonna eat a bunch of string cheese.

06:09 PM #
SI Swimsuit Ish came today. Can almost see that Kate Upton babe's downstairs situaish on the cover. Racy, but you can tell she's all class.

06:12 PM #
If you're gonna have a all night drippy backdoor problem, you couldn't ask for more than the new Swimsuit Ish. Plento of time to soak it in.

06:20 PM #
Pg 102 of the Swimsuit Ish has a little somethin' special for the brothers. Oooo wee! Wish I could show Peanut. Don't know where he's been.